A new success story in the making

We are looking for business partners that want to develop Tales from Emolina into a new international success story.

Do you want to create new business opportunities? Are you a popular vlogger or blogger who’d like to share Tales from Emolina with the world? Does your company have a product which could become part of the world of Tales from Emolina? Does your company have a service which could help us turn our fantasy world into a commercial success? Are you interested in investing in Tales from Emolina? Share your ideas with us!

What we have done so far and what we’ll be doing next

august 2018

The development process begins

May 2019

Emolinan tarinat becomes a registered trademark in Finland

December 2019

The story is outlined

August 2020

The illustration process begins, and the fantasy world is given its shape

november 2020


february 2021

Notebook-segment is added to emolina.fi and Augmented Reality (AR) filters to Instagram.


Goal: Publishing contract of the first book, which will include AR -features


Goal: The reveal of new cooperation agreements and turning the IP into its own company


Goal: Tales from Emolina tv-series, games and other spin-off products are launched

tales from emolina and commercial partnership 

Rinki is constantly developing the project further. If you are interested in cooperation, please get in touch with us!

creator / creative Producer

Kari Piirainen
+358 400 704 830


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Tales from Emolina is a registered trademark.
Copyright © Tales from Emolina / Kari Piirainen, illustrations Eeva Tötterström 2021.

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