The Main Characters and their story

Tales from Emolina is filled with complex and multilayered characters. They are much more than simple representations of good and evil. Their lives are filled with nuance and they will face situations that would be challenging to anyone.

Two children from a remote fishing village are torn apart from each other, which changes their lives forever.

These characters don’t have a predetermined future, but their fate is instead influenced by countless situations that build the grand arc of their lives. The characters themselves can change their fate with the choices they make. This is apparent in all of the main cast. Tales from Emolina aims to teach that life is made of both pure happenstance and the consequences of our own choices.

Thanks to the diversity of our cast, they are easily identifiable to all ages above 12 years old. Individual scenes not only contain charm that will make children laugh with glee, but also dramatic turns that will emotionally resonate with adults. The main cast can fail in situations that bring forth the darker shades of the story. And just like in real life, not everything goes as planned. Despite this, all issues can be overcome. Failure gives the characters an opportunity to grow stronger and rejoice in their success, which feels all the more gratifying after conquering such difficult obstacles.

Timeless characters are an essential part of an engrossing narrative. A good story addresses people of all ages, without speaking down to children or teenagers. These are the core pillars of Tales from Emolina.

Avalina – the princess of emolina

Avalina lives in Emolina with her father King Urbanus and her mother Queen Serefina. The princesses’ childhood and her previous name Ava are a closely kept secret. When she was but a small child, Avalina shipwrecked on the island of Emolina with Ihanus, a fisher’s son. Avalina spent her entire childhood with the fishers, which is reflected in her boisterous attitude. Her personal style can only be described as “purposefully haphazard”, which irritates her mother greatly.

Avalina does not want to submit to the life of a pampered princess. She wants to sail the seas and have adventures all around the kingdom. She has many wonderful memories of the fishers’ life that she lived together with Ihanus. Luckily Emolina will soon have the great spring market, which Ihanus will also attend. The only challenge will be finding him amongst the crowd. By her mother’s order, Avalina always carries a small poison-filled dagger with her.

Ihanus – the son of a piskator fisher

Ihanus lives in the seaside town of Piskator. His weeks are spent in the sea, fishing with his father. The family is heading to Emolina’s spring market to sell their spoils, which means making a long trip by the river. This gives Ihanus a chance to meet with Avalina. The two will find a hiding spot and reminisce on their childhood in Piskator. They’d like to spend more time together, but that has been forbidden.

Ihanus is a practical person who’s good at solving tricky problems and puzzles. He’s slim, tall and likes to dress in mundane seal skin clothing decorated by fish bones and heads. He has armed himself with a trident and a short fisher’s knife.

Samel – A merchant’s son from Emolina

14-year-old Samel lives in Emolina’s workers’ district. His parents are merchants, so the upcoming spring market will be the busiest time of their year. Samel has met with princess Avalina before, and she has told him of the vaults underneath the city, the hiding spot for Machines of Might containing ancient magic.

Samel has a crush on Avalina, though he knows that they could never be together in public. That is why they meet at night in the city’s underground caverns, where they overheard the vaultkeepers’ secret: The entire kingdom is sustained by magical machines, which must be connected with each other at all times. Should the connection be broken, the machines will spread chaos around them.

Samel has a thoughtful nature and has inherited the skill of trading from his parents. He’s an expert conversationalist who can lead his listeners astray with clever rhetoric. Samel’s weapon of choice is a lance that has already been useful in many situations.

Pohli – A Monsi son of the mountains

Pohli, aged 15, lives high up in the mountains in the city of Monsi. He’s approaching the age when he will have to find his own animal companion, a skibir. Pohli can use his people’s whistling language to skillfully communicate across great distances or distract his pursuers. He’s physically fit and strong like a yak.

Pohli is accompanied by his trusty helper and travelling companion, Jeppo the dog. He’s riding a yak to Emolina’s spring market to sell mountain goat cheese, meat and various animal pelts. There he will meet Samel, a merchant’s son. Pohli is armed with a powerful crossbow.

Serefina – Princess Avalina’s mother

Queen Serefina lives at the very top of Emolina, in the rulers’ palace. The court put her through a rigorous upbringing, which left her prone to fits of malevolence. She wants to be an all-loving mother figure to her family, but at her lowest moments she’s anything but that.

Serefina has met with the court’s supreme Master of Machines, who she managed to probe on the magical machines. Filled with spite and sorrow, Serefina has planned to seize the power from her husband Urbanus. The coup will be done by using the Machines of Power, after she will be the sole ruler of the kingdom. But could love change it all? Princess Avalina is not Serefina’s biological child and the two have fierce argument’s due to the princess’s lack of court etiquette. Though Serefina has her darker side, she can also be a charming and loving queen when she wants to. The queen carries a necklace that conceals a chamber filled with poison.

Urbanus – princess avalina’s father

King Urbanus lives together with his wife Serefina in the rulers’ palace of Emolina. The king is a beloved father figure to his people, who has created many good reforms. Urbanus was born to the royal family but enjoys spending time with the common citizens. Following a storm many years ago, Urbanus found beached Ava, who was adopted to the court despite the queen’s objections. The court decided to rename the girl as Avalina.

Urbanus loves Avalina greatly, and he has grown to accept his daughter’s reckless nature. Twisted tongues whisper that Urbanus will face a great danger on his upcoming 60th birthday. He wields a skillfully forged king’s sword, decorated by inscriptions which chronicle the history of Emolina. 

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