Welcome to the fascinating world of tales from Emolina

Tales from Emolina is a world full of adventure, enjoyable to the entire family. It has been designed to be a source of long-lasting communal tales for 12- to 16-year-old children and teenagers. 

Tales from Emolina teaches that with enough grit and determination people can rise from humble beginnings and become heroes. These stories combine Nordic and Asian mythologies in an interesting and enticing way. The fantasy world has been inspired by the wild nature of the Northern hemisphere and its ancient mythologies. In terms of illustrations, the Japanese island of Hokkaido has been an important source of inspiration.

The stories will be published on multiple mediums and platforms. During the first stage they will be brought alive on this website, which introduces the world and its people. During the next stage the stories will become books, which will give the world its shape and scale. The third stage will introduce tv-series and games. These stages can also happen simultaneously.

Make an imaginary trip to Emolina by listening to what the life among its different people sounds like!

The kingdom
of emolina

The kingdom of Emolina is located on a remote island and is inhabited by four distinct groups of people:

the emolinas

A society of rulers and inventors

the piskators

A community of seafarers

the monsis

A mountain clan

The venators

A mysterious forest tribe

Each group has their distinct features and habits which do not appeal to everyone on the island. This creates discord and conflict between the groups.

During the grand arc of our story the different groups must discover each other, accept their differences and see that they are stronger together, not alone.

Differences are a shared source of strength that people can learn to appreciate.

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